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Trainer: Scott Deming

In this full-day immersive training program, contractors will discover how to truly differentiate themselves in a competitive and commoditized market by understanding and following the chronological steps and processes that will enable them to create extreme customer service and deliver the ultimate customer experience. With the use of valuable information, case studies and interactive exercises, attendees will accelerate their understanding of lead generation and lead follow-up, referral strategies, the customer relationship process, as well as leadership and co-worker relationship skills. This course will give contractors a greater understanding of the extreme customer experience, which will help them to create customer loyalty, retain a strong customer base, attract and keep talented workers and lower new customer acquisition costs by lowering their marketing and advertising expenses. With this training program and these lessons, contractors will acquire the necessary tools to achieve sustainable profitability and success.

Full-day Training Takeaways Include:

  • What a Happy Customer is Worth
  • Defining What You Do in a Meaningful, Intriguing Way
  • Building Your Cult Brand and a Cult Following
  • Communicating with Emotion
  • Becoming Real Innovators
  • Creating the Ultimate Customer Experience
  • Moving from Analytical to Lateral Thinking
  • Leadership With Purpose
  • Understanding your Why
  • Teamwork and Collaboration
  • How to Motivate Your Staff
  • The Art of Communication
  • Perceptual Reality – Do Your Customers Think Like You?
  • Getting the Word Out – Becoming a Marketer
  • The Customer Experience is Your Greatest Marketing
  • Moving Your Customers from Satisfied to Loyal
  • Empathy – The Secret to Life