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Trainer: Russ Horrocks

This Daikin FIT sales and opportunities training course is designed to help you in the home with real skills and techniques that work with your customers without compromising the opportunity. Sales is not about doing something to your customers, but for them. As sales professionals, our job is to serve the customer and provide quality information regarding the available options homeowners can consider. During this workshop, Russ Horrocks will help your team members understand how to build environments of success while providing the customer an exceptional experience they will be proud to tell their friends, family members, and neighbors about. This course is designed to provide your sales team members with the opportunity to ask Russ Horrocks any questions about situations they would like to see better results from.

While Russ Horrocks can answer questions about the sales process, the real power of this course is understanding how to execute your process better. If it were simply about the process, everyone would produce the same results.