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Trainer: Drew Cameron OR Russ Horrocks

You previously attended and learned how to Drive Sales and Accelerate Profit by delivering the Daikin Elite Buying Experience (Daikin Sales 101 – a pre-requisite to 201). This course will build on those skills, concepts, psychology and process taught. This event is an immersive and interactive experience with roleplay, problem-solving, and coaching the skills leaned and every part of the process in depth.

The skills and process from 101 will be reviewed and we will openly discuss what you learned and have applied since the initial impact training. You are expected to actively participate and demonstrate a clear understanding and ability to execute what you previously learned.

You will be assigned a collaboration and accountability partner with whom you will work over two days, as well as remotely post-event to follow-up with one another and your trainer.

You will develop a deeper understanding of the material by creating your own style and approach based off the 101 lessons. We will breakup and reunite the class periodically to develop and share insights and learn from one another.

We will also discuss utilizing tools, technology and 3rd party resources as credibility builders in establishing, growing, and maintaining your “Position of Trust” as you migrate from “Anonymous Entity” to “Trusted Provider” and beyond. We will have a expansive conversation about the importance creating customer life impacts and experiences to differentiate yourself and truly connect to your customer’s story.

We’ll shift to applying the knowledge and skills to the process and take turns roleplaying every step of the process so you will be ready to discuss a variety of scenarios and analyze how to best approach them for the best possible outcome. We will also troubleshoot and coach specific situations attendees have experienced since the initial training to understand what yielded success or a lesson.

Lastly, we will do a deeper dive on sharing findings, options, scope expansion, assurances and payment plans, and how to connect your story to the customer’s story in order to provide the greatest life impact and customer experience while achieving maximum performance.

NOTE: Please bring your existing presentation book and materials; any other sales tools; pricebook, investment guide, or pricing software; and any sales forms or agreements, quote forms, etc. so we can customize your utilization or advise on modifications to provide the best customer experience.