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There’s a talent shortage! You hear it from almost everyone you talk to in the HVAC industry. In fact, you probably hear it from almost every business owner in almost every industry. When you turn on the news, it is confirmed once again. “Lowest unemployment rate in years…” “employers struggle to find the people they need to fill their positions…”. The only thing worse than not being able to hire people is when you pair it with an inability to keep the employees that you do have. Turnover in the HVAC industry is terrible, and the ones that stay are disengaged and just putting in their time until they find something better. All of this creates a huge drag on your business. You simply can’t grow without employees, and creating happy customers requires not just employees but awesome engaged ones. Simply put, your business needs a finely tuned talent engine to survive and thrive in the future… but no one seems to have an answer for how to do it. But what if all of these people were wrong? What if there was a solution? What if you could turn hiring & retention from a liability into a competitive advantage that gives you the upper hand against your competitors? We have the answer! Our 2-day training workshop will walk you step-by-step through our proven approach to building a talent engine for your company that will set you up for success. Expect to walk away with everything that you need to make massive improvement in the first 30 days, and to completely transform your business within 90 to 180 days. The first day will be all about creating a killer strategy to hiring & management that is in complete alignment with your strategic business plan. We will teach you a completely different way to view the employee/employer relationship that will provide you with clarity about what you need to do to be successful. This day is a must attend for the owner/CEO… but your hiring admin is invited as well. On the second day we will create a nuts & bolts plan of attack for implementing your new talent strategy. I will include everything from writing job ads that attract the best talent, how to get those ads out in front of job seekers, how to get to the best people fast, how to set them up for success, and how to manage your best people up and your worse people out. While the owner/CEO can attend this session to see what is going to happen, it is vital for the hiring admin to be there with the CEO full backing of the implementation plans that will be created.


  • Clearly define our business differentiation strategy
  • Identify the type of people that we will need to execute it
  • Change our paradigm about employees
  • Learn the core frameworks that lead to hiring & management success.
  • Create job profiles & job seeker personas for each role.
  • Write killer job ads that will attract the best people
  • Create a sourcing plan that will create a steady flow of qualified applicants
  • Build a screening & selection process that will help us reliably hire the best people
  • Analyze our past turnover and identify what was causing it
  • Create plans of attack for how to dramatically reduce future turnover.
  • Create an onboarding process that will get new hires up to speed quickly
  • Design a management approach that will keep our employees engaged & happy
  • Create a strategy for how to manage problem employees up or out

Who Should Attend

TSMs, Dealers