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The Customer Service Business of the Future workshop is designed to teach you everything you need to know about the Smart Home™ and Building 36® Home Automation. The workshop helps to simplify the complexity of this new revenue stream and helps equip participants with a full working knowledge to get started with Building 36® Home Automation.

This Customer Service Business of the Future workshop covers:

  • The importance of recurring monthly revenue in your business
  • Best practices of service agreements and how to bundle comfort home
  • The Building 36® Home Automation business strategy
  • The platform, competition and differentiation
  • Connected + protected kits and how to go to market
  • MobileTech installation tool
  • Dealer website management portal
  • Customer site and experience
  • Available help and resources
  • FAQ’s


The Customer Service Business of the Future workshop objectives include:

  • Identifying and creating reoccurring monthly revenue
  • Maximizing maintenance agreements
  • Home automation
  • Key Performance Indicators for reoccurring monthly revenue

Who Should Attend

Business owners looking to even out the peaks and valleys of the HVAC business and creating a business worth selling