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Have you ever called a customer service support line and were unsure if the professional on the other end of phone was a robot or an actual person? Or maybe you get lucky and it is an actual person, yet they sound completely apathetic to your situation?

Consumers often buy based on their customer experience so it is important to establish a positive interaction from that fist phone call. The Customer Service Performance workshop is designed to provide you with the skills, education, practice, and support that you need to go above and beyond for your customers. We want you to leave this workshop with the ability to create a WOW experience resulting in customer loyalty.

This workshop is designed to help participants:

  • Learn incoming phone call best practices that provide customers with a positive experience.
  • Master the skills to overcome pricing objections, work with difficult customers, and book calls even when you’re booked solid.
  • Develop competency, confidence, muscle memory, and understanding of customer sensitivity.
  • Create loyalty and retention by learning best practices in phenomenal customer service.
  • Obtain industry-standard tools to help master call-handling and booking.

Upon completion of this workshop, each phone staff participant will receive 2 free individual follow-up coaching sessions with call monitoring and quality checking. Both inbound and outbound scenarios will be discussed.


The Customer Service Performance Workshop objectives include:

  • Delivering the “WOW” experience while mastering the “Pattern for Excellence” call flow
  • Identify communication patterns in customer service that will help diffuse conflict and grow a loyal customer base
  • Practicing differentiating your company from your competition by creating unique value

Who Should Attend

Customer service professionals and those who manage the customer service experience