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Your company is the best at what you do in your market. You’re always on time to home appointments, your installation team leaves no screw untightened, and your service agreement program provides the most comprehesive customer service money can buy. Yet, communicating all of this information to a first-time customer runs the risk of confusing them if it isn’t streamlined into an easy-to-understand process. On this week’s Ask the Experts video highlight, an HVAC contractor from Texas asks:

When our technicians visit a customer for the first time, we want them to introduce our company, explain to them what we can do and sign them up for a service agreement. How would you recommend we go through this process smoothly without overwhelming our customers? Should there be a brochure for both or two separate brochures?

Contractor University faculty member Gary Elekes (Founder of EPC Training and iMarket Solutions) gives his expert advice on how to communicate the value of your company and your service agreement club with the “Perfect Service Call” process.