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While many HVAC contractors believe that “low-bid” is the only way to win new customers, high-performance contractors know better. In this non-technical workshop you will:

  • Eliminate internal friction by getting your sales and installation team on the same page.
  • Learn to sell and deliver high-performance indoor comfort systems all year long, not just during extreme-weather months.
  • Discover ways to increase profits and referrals for premium, high-efficiency systems.
  • Understand how to properly discuss high-performance HVAC systems with customers.
  • Hear what top Comfort Advisors tell customers so installers can follow through when delivering what’s been offered.
  • Learn why proper HVAC system setup and commissioning reduces callbacks and increases customer delight.
  • NOTE: This workshop focuses on the processes required to consistently sell and deliver high-performance HVAC systems. While technical topics are discussed, this is not an HVAC system design or troubleshooting workshop.


Teamwork – knocking down walls between sales and installation:

  • Transition from tradesman to craftsman
  • Power of product bundling and choice to offer a complete indoor comfort system
  • Delivering the safest, healthiest, most comfortable, and energy efficient system possible

Who Should Attend

Sales people and Installsers looking to solve Health, Comfort, Safety and Energy needs for their customers