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Today’s HVAC equipment is more sophisticated and demanding than ever before. Proper HVAC system repair and maintenance requires mastering new methods that keep customer’s homes safe, healthy, comfortable, and energy-efficient. Unlike typical HVAC troubleshooting classes, this workshop focuses on ways to solve common customer complaints that go way beyond fixing the equipment. In this non-technical workshop you will:

  • Learn why accurate measurements are required to ensure high-performance operation of the entire HVAC system.
  • Get exposed to the latest tools, instruments, and procedures used by high-performance contractors to delight their customers.
  • Perform real-world exercises using National Comfort Institute’s airflow measurement tool, AirMaxx Lite™, which will be installed on each student’s mobile device.
  • Focus on understanding and implementing a high-performance service call sequence designed to keep complete HVAC systems humming at peak efficiency.
  • Learn to uncover hidden opportunities to improve your customer’s service experience using maintenance agreements, accessories, and system upgrades.
  • Learn a “measure, don’t guess” philosophy to significantly improve results when incorporated in your daily life.
  • NOTE: This workshop focuses on fixing customers, not equipment. While technical topics are discussed, this is not an equipment troubleshooting workshop.


Uncover hidden homeowner problems that often go overlooked:

  • Measure, stop guessing about, HVAC system performance levels
  • Use modern service and maintenance processes to measure what matters most
  • Employ proper sequence of operation for a high performance service or maintenance call

Who Should Attend

Service and Maintenance Technicians and their managers looking to solve health, comfort, safety and energy issues