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Technician Strategy: Higher Technician Sales, A Diagnostic Approach


This workshop will provide a wealth of powerful diagnostic techniques that are designed to significantly improve your technician’s ability to detect issues in your customer’s home that many techs would have never identified. When a technician has proper tools and training, they will have the confidence to suggest work that would have otherwise been missed, and you will see a serious reduction in profit killing call-backs.

When you apply the easy to follow concepts that will be shared in this workshop, your technicians will feel more professional and they will be taken more seriously. Clients will be happier and the boss will enjoy higher revenue without the worry of compromised values.

You Will Learn:

  • The difference between a parts changer and a technician and why it matters.
  • How to motivate your technicians so that they will want to look and act more professional.
  • How to improve the perception of professionalism with great uniforms.
  • What the best tools and test instruments are for advanced diagnostics.
  • Why some popular test instruments do not work properly and fail to detect problems.
  • Advanced diagnostic techniques to uncover hidden problems.
  • How to reliably tell if component failure is imminent, even when it appears to be fine.
  • How to setup and maintain an effective training program that techs will actually be excited to attend.
  • Which key performance measures should be monitored and how to calculate them.


Jeremy Chandler




James R. Leichter

President & CEO, Aptora Corporation, Mr. HVAC LLC, RA Tax and Accounting Inc.


James is a successful entrepreneur and master mechanic whose accomplishments include being the founder of MrHVAC.com, the CEO and founder of Aptora, the President of RA Tax and Accounting and a partner with ProAmerican Investments.

James' company MrHVAC.com is a website dedicated to improving the lives of contractors. It includes industry articles, specialized HVAC calculators, forms, templates and one of the most extensive operations manuals in the country. As the founder of Aptora corporation, he has created some of the most popular software programs in the service industry including Flat Rate Plus and Total Office Manager.

James is well known for his burning passion to help contractors and it shows in his unique speaking style. He has hosted management workshops all around the United States and has conducted onsite consulting since 1996 with hundreds of contractors.