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How often do you hear customers complain about rooms that are hard to heat or cool? Why do so many homes have window units or space heaters installed to supplement the central HVAC system? In this technical Certification Program you will:

  • Understand the history and purpose of balancing the air levels coming from the duct system.
  • Learn how to properly measure and interpret static pressure readings.
  • Find out how to use a variety of air balancing instruments.
  • Prepare a system to perform an air balancing project.
  • Set fan airflow properly.
  • Gain knowledge about professional airflow test and balance procedures.
  • Receive NCI’s Residential Air Balancing Certification with a passing grade on the final exam.


Provide consumers with improved comfort in every room of their house:

  • Test and balance residential HVAC air distribution systems
  • Increase sales and profits by offering certified balancing services
  • Comply with local, state, and federal building code and energy requirements
  • Reduce consumer complaints about uncomfortable areas of their home
  • Become the “go to person” for solving comfort problems in your local area