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When trying to navigate the difficulties of connecting with customers on personal social media accounts, it is important that you watch the content and opinions that you share. This month, an HVAC contractor and plumber from Ohio asks:

What should I do when a new customer sends a friend request to my personal Facebook account? I have mixed feelings when it comes to this. The plus side is they have another direct line to you. The downside is they have another direct line to you. At some point, do we not need to draw the line between business and personal? Yet, the person that sent the request may actually be a key influencer to several markets. So, what do you do?

Contractor University faculty members Gary Elekes (Founder of iMarket Solutions) and Weldon Long (Sales Expert and New York Times Bestselling author) give their expert advice on connecting with customers online and how the content you share may impact your contracting business.